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Eleventh International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Orvieto 1996, Proceedings

Cover A. Forcina, G.M. Marchetti, R. Hatzinger, G. Galmacci (Eds.)
Proceedings of the 11th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling held in Orvieto, Italy,July 15-19, 1996


Invited papers

Alan Agresti
Connections between item-response and log-linear models
Nicola Best
Bayesian graphical modelling using BUGS
Garrett Fitzmaurice
Mixed parameter models for binary longitudinal data
Arnoldo Frigessi
Towards bayesian feature detection in images
Harvey Goldstein
Handling missing data in multilevel (hierarchical data) models
Ton Heinen
Recent advances in latent class models
Trevor Hastie
Non parametric classification techniques
Kung-Yee Liang
Hypothesis testing under mixed models
Daryl Pregibon
Data mining
Nanny Wermuth
Specifying and interpreting multivariate dependences in observational studies

Contributed papers and Posters

T. Holliday et al.
Engine mapping: a two-stage model approach
M. Hazelton
Monte Carlo inference for a model of carbon fibre strength
A. B. Lawson et al.
Modelling heterogeneity in discrete spatial data models via MAP and MCMC.
P. van der Heijden
Some logistic regression models for randomized response data
B. Marx, P. Eilers
Generalized linear regression on sampled signals
G. Verbeke, E. Lesaffre
The detection of residual serial correlation in linear mixed models
R. Colombi
Some useful generalzations of the Goodman association model
J. Forster et al.
Stochastic search variable selection for hierarchical log-linear models
A. Militino, D. Ugarte
Robust estimation in a spatial linear model via random effects
V. Nunez-Anton et al.
Computational aspects of likelihood-based estimation of first-order antedependence models
R. Waterman et al.
A fized effects approach to heterogeneity via a latent regression model
G. Oskrochi, R. Davies
Stayers in mixed markov renewal models
D. dos Santos, D. Berridge
A continuation ratio model with parametric and non-parametric mixing distributions
G. Lancaster, M. Green
Latent variables technique for categorical data
C. Czado
Bayesian analysis of multivariate binary response data
J. Engel, F.Huele
A generalized linear modelling approach to robust design
L. Pritscher
Nonparametric estimation of discrete hazard functions by local fitting techniques
M. Green
Generalized factor analysis
C. Gaetan, A. Pievatolo
Change-point analysis in stochastic processes
M. Aitkin
Nonparametric maximum likelihood estimation in general random effects models
A. Fotouhi, R. Davies
Modelling repeated durations from work and life history data: the initial conditions problem
A. Klinger
Soft threshold for varying coefficients models
A. Rogel, J. Mary
Modelling observer agreement with loglinear models
B. De Stavola, M. Hills
Longitudinal quantitative data: a case study
C. Payne
Efficiency of job-training schemes: discrete-time event histories with unobserved heterogeneity
D. Firth
On the role of generalized linear models in survey sampling
J. Kuha
Measurement error modelling with monte carlo EM
J. McDonald et alt
Markov chain monte carlo exact tests for logistic models
G. MacKenzie
On the analysis of recurrent medical random events
B. Engel
Prediction of random effects with a mixed model and application to dairy data
C. Pascutto et al.
Disease mapping with errors in cavariates: an application
G. Lovison
Applications of generalized symmetry models
C. Demetrio, J. Hinde
Modelling with overdispersion
R. Siciliano
A fast regression tree procedure
G. Molenbergs et al.
Pseudolikelihood inference for binary data
A. Brink, A. Smith
Bayesian modelling of the association in contingency tables



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