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27th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Prague, Czech Republic, 2012, Proceedings

Arnošt Komárek and Stanislav Nagy (Eds.)
Proceedings of the 27th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. Prague, Czech Republic, 16-20 July 2012

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Part I: Invited Papers

Statistical challenges in modelling disease risk from multiple genotypes
Composite link, the neglected model
Beyond mean regression
Kulich et al.
Estimating cross-sectional incidence from biological markers
Bayesian variable selection and the (ab)use of priors

Part II: Contributed Papers (Volume I)

Andrinopoulou et al.
Joint modeling of two longitudinal outcomes and competing risk data
Bartolucci et al.
Latent class inverse probability weighting to estimate causal effects of sequential treatments under unobserved confounding
Camarda et al.
Additive decomposition of vital rates from grouped data
Castro-Sánchez et al.
Inference for a dynamic model of HIV and HCV
Cobre et al.
Estimatives of lymph nodes metastasis rates and treatment effectiveness under two latent activation schemes
Colosimo et al.
Heterogeneity identification of repairable systems
Conde and MacKenzie
Model selection in sparse contingency tables: LASSO penalties vs classical methods
Forecasting with the age-period-cohort model
de Falguerolles
Cauchy, Prague and multiple regression
Del Fava et al.
Modeling multivariate, overdispersed binomial data with additive and multiplicative random effects
Domma and Giordano
A measure of household financial fragility
Efendi et al.
A joint model with marginal interpretation for longitudinal continuous and time-to-event outcomes
Einbeck et al.
Penalized regression on principal manifolds with application to combustion modelling
Ensoy et al.
A dynamic spatio-temporal model to investigate the effect of movements of animals on the spreading of Bluetongue BTV-8 in Belgium
A statistical model for spatial point aggregated data. The geostatistical potential model
Frasso and Eilers
Smoothing parameter selection using the L-curve
Gott and Eckley
Detecting aliasing in locally stationary textured images
Ha et al.
A general subhazard frailty model for multi-center competing risks data
Heinzl and Tutz
Clustering in linear mixed models with Dirichlet process mixtures using EM algorithm
Heller and Manuguerra
Ordinal regression models for continuous scales
Iddi and Molenberghs
A joint marginalized multilevel model for longitudinal outcomes
Jaeger and Lambert
Bayesian ODE-penalized B-spline model with Gaussian mixture as error distribution
Joshi et al.
Modeling trait based ecological community assembly
Kauermann and Meyer
Flexible modeling of multivariate data by mixtures of Archimedean copulas
Nonparametric estimation of conditional Archimedean copula
Upon closer inspection... Testing in comparative experiments
Lee and Durbáan
Seasonal modulation smoothing mixed models for times series forecasting
Martín and Pardo
Cook's distance in polytomous logistic regression
Mayr et al.
Fitting prediction intervals for BMI patterns in childhood by boosting quantile regression
Moreira and Machado
Conditional estimation of the bivariate distribution under dependent right censoring
Moriña et al.
Autoregressive models with non-gaussian errors
Smoothed score confidence interval for the breakpoint in segmented regression
Nonparametric classification of noisy functions
Statistical models for deficient count data
Testing goodness-of-fit of the Accelerated Failure Time model with time-varying covariates
Estimation of multi-state model parameters from panel data: A comparison of different methods
Perez et al.
Nonparametric circular density estimation for temperature cycles
Perrakis et al.
Poisson mixture regression for Bayesian inference on large over-dispersed transportation origin-destination matrices
Proctor et al.
Fine-scale downscaling of environmental covariates in biodiversity modelling
Punt et al.
Modelling the movement of dusky kob in the Sundays River
Rikhtehgaran et al.
Piecewise transition models with random effects for unequally-spaced measurements
A pseudo-adaptive Gaussian quadrature rule for fitting joint models for longitudinal and time-to-event data
Veronika Ročková and Lesaffre
Incorporating prior knowledge in Bayesian modeling of sparse networks
Serrat et al.
A semi-parametric joint model for two sequential times to events and one longitudinal covariate
Schimek and Bloice
Modelling the rank order of Web search engine results
Schnabel et al.
Modeling latent curves for genotype by environment interaction
Sobotka et al.
Modeling flow in gas transmission networks using shape-constrained expectile regression
Tüchler and Wagner
Analysing living conditions in Austria by a Bayesian mixed data model
Tamura and Giampaoli
Comparison of prediction methods for mixed logistic regression
Touraine and Joly
Predictions from a Markov illness-death model: Application to dementia disease
Tutz and Pößnecker
Variable selection for the multinomial logit model
Ullah and Jones
Hierarchical covariance selection models
van den Hout et al.
A longitudinal model for latent cognitive function
Varin and Guolo
Marginal beta regression for time series analysis
Waldmann and Kneib
Variational approximations in Bayesian geoadditive quantile regression
Wall et al.
Identifying underlying structure in classification and regression trees using surrogate splits
Assessing surrogacy of progression free survival for overall survival: A multi-state model approach
Assessment of model stability for high- dimensional data with applications to complex genomic data

Part III: Contributed Papers (Volume II)

Misspecified random-effects distribution in non-linear mixed models with linear random effects
Adelfio et al.
Regression quantiles to assess higher education performance
Amorim and Ospina
prLogistic: An R package for estimating prevalence ratios using logistic models
Matrix correlation and matrix cross spectrum of mismeasured multivariate time series
Barrio et al.
Location of optimal cut-points to categorize continuous variables in clinical studies
Borges et al.
Fixed effects versus random effects in a longitudinal study: A simulation study
Burke and MacKenzie
Multi-parameter regression survival models
Him et al.
Climate variability and dengue incidence in Malaysia
Cocchi et al.
Modelling urban sprawl patterns in binary raster maps
Costa et al.
Kalman filtering approach in the calibration of radar rainfall data
Modeling operational risk losses
de Oliveira et al.
Bayesian inference for power law processes with applications in repairable systems
The (Zd x Z) spatial-temporal Auto-Linear-Auto-Regressive model
Duarte et al.
The sample signature of probabilistic context trees with an application to Linguistics
Ender and Zong
Analysis of temperature-based weather derivatives in mainland China: Pricing and simulation
Eze et al.
Modelling the association between bathing water quality and gastrointestinal illness in South West Scotland
Fensterer et al.
Measurement error in the personal exposure to air pollution
Fiaccone et al.
Correlated frailty model for multivariate longitudinal count data
Filipe et al.
Delay in diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in Portugal
Freitas and Roque
A comparison of several background correction and normalization methods on microarray data
García-Garrido et al.
Recursive linear estimation from multi-sensor observations with correlated uncertainties
Mukherjee et al.
A flexible regression framework for TMS-EEG signals
Gilardoni et al.
Bootstrap confidence intervals for the optimal maintenance time of a repairable system
Gonçalves and Costa
Water monitoring sites discrimination using clustering water variables time series data and main latent factors identification
Hainy et al.
Simulation-based DB-optimal designs: Conception and implementation issues
Conditional correlation modelling: Simulation study
Hsu et al.
A robust nearest neighbor-based multiple imputation approach for data with missing covariate values
Hudecová and Pešta
Generalized estimating equations in claims reserving
Nikola Kaspříková
Application of text mining for media analysis
Klima et al.
Effects of different spatial modeling: Ruralisation of the NSDAP in the Weimar Republic?
Králová et al.
Corporate financial performance and its predictors
López-Montoya and Gámiz-Pérez
Semi-parametric regression models with reliability data
López-Ratón et al.
Inference of the symmetry point with different costs for the specificity and sensitivity
Model uncertainty and multimodel inference in reliability estimation
Lawson and Einbeck
Generative linear mixture modelling
Matawie and Hasso
Refined information retrieval and frequency distribution
Matos et al.
Likelihood based inference for linear and nonlinear mixed-effects models with censored response using the multivariate-t distribution
McLellan et al.
Modelling tracks of cabbage root fly larvae in a novel study of crop protection
Mirkov et al.
Modeling and forecasting customer behavior for revolving credit facilities
Molanes-López and Letón
Multivariate copula models in ROC analysis
Molanes-López and Romo
Multiple testing based on depth
Molinari et al.
Smoothing parameter selection for spatiotemporal models with application to the analysis of contaminants in groundwater
Moreira et al.
Estimation of the bivariate distribution function: A comparative study
Mutambanengwe et al.
Spatial regression of quantiles based on parametric distributions
Oguiza et al.
Analysis of pseudo-panel data with dependent samples
Shrinkage estimation when calibrating in the presence of random effects
ANOSIM test revisited
Otava et al.
Bayesian variable selection method for modeling dose-response microarray data under simple order restrictions
Paige and Trindade
Saddlepoint-based bootstrap inference in parametric and semiparametric models
Patilea et al.
Projection-based nonparametric checks of regressions with functional covariates
Pfeifer and Zeileis
Trend analysis of snow avalanche accidents in Tyrol within the years 1989--2010
Standard statistics as likelihood statements
Ruli and Ventura
Bayesian approximation methods for pseudo-posterior distributions in the presence of nuisance parameters
Russo et al.
A penalized elliptical mixture partially nonlinear mixed effects model
Saez et al.
Methods to control for the concurvity in spatial ecological regressions (IneqCities project)
Santos and Elian
Analysis of residuals in quantile regression: An application to income data in Brazil
Schauberger and Tutz
Effect stars for categorical response models
Schulze Waltrup et al.
Comparing the estimation of expectiles and quantiles towards efficiency
Sheikhi and Ramsey
A likelihood ratio test for detection of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
Silva and Cordeiro
Log-Beta modified Weibull regression models in survival analysis
Factor analytic mixed models with inclusion of pedigrees in the analysis of plant breeding trials
Strzalkowska-Kominiak et al.
Estimation of the conditional distribution of two censored gap times based on a nonparametric approach
Torokhti and Miklavcic
Robust estimation of large data sets by piecewise-linear interpolating estimator
van de Kassteele et al.
Age and sex specific social contact patterns stratified by location and day of the week
Yang and Cuzick
Modelling interactions of multiple events with application to human papillomavirus virus infections
Zamzuri et al.
Spatial model for multivariate traffic accident count data



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