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29th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Göttingen, Germany, 2014, Proceedings

Thomas Kneib, Fabian Sobotka, Jan Fahrenholz, Henriette Irmer (Eds.)
Proceedings of the 29th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. Göttingen, Germany, 14-18 July 2014

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Part I: Invited Papers

de Falguerolles
``La statistique à Goettingue'': a tentative tribute by an IWSM participant from Toulouse
Jara and Barrientos
Bayesian nonparametric approaches for the analysis of compositional data based on Bernstein polynomials
Rabe-Hesketh and Skrondal
Consistent estimation of mixed models by ignoring non-ignorable missingness
Regularization and Sparsity in Discrete Structures
General smooth additive modelling

Part II: Contributed Papers (Volume I)

She'll be coming 'round the mountain: Simple models of complex spatial behaviour
Bender et al.
Modeling Exposure-lag-response associations in Survival Models with application to nutrition of critically ill patients
Brockhaus et al.
The Functional Linear Array Model and an Application to Viscosity Curves
Reconstructing Mortality Series by Cause of Death: Two alternative approaches
Cederbaum et al.
Functional linear mixed model for irregularly spaced phonetics data
Chebon et al.
A multivariate random component model for simultaneously interval censored and right truncated data
Smooth mixed models for balanced longitudinal data
Bastiani et al.
Spatial Modelling using GAMLSS
Djordjilović et al.
Refining the structure of a pathway with a view to prediction of gene silencing effects
Donoghoe and Marschner
Smooth semi-parametric adjustment of rate differences, risk differences and relative risks
Duarte et al.
Structured Additive Regression (STAR) models applied in the analysis of breast cancer risk in central Portugal
Eilers and Bink
RNA Sequencing and Zipf's Law
Etxeberria et al.
Forecasting cancer mortality figures in Spanish provinces with an ANOVA-type P-spline model
Fasola and Muggeo
Change-point estimation in piecewise constant regression models with random effects
Frasso and Eilers
Composite smooth estimation of the state price density implied in option prices
Gertheiss et al.
Modeling Binary Functional Data with Application to Animal Husbandry
Guler et al.
Comparing the predictive performance of different regression models for longitudinal and time-to-event data
Heiner and Hinde
Measures of Interaction for Relationships Among Dichotomous Variables
Heller and Dunlop
A latent variable approach to digit preference
Crespo-Cuaresma et al.
A latent variable approach to derive consensus GDPs
Klein et al.
Bivariate Gaussian Distributional Regression: An Application on Diabetes
Komárek et al.
Regression modelling of misclassified correlated interval-censored data
Lamboni et al.
Bayesian spatial disaggregating of shares: application to land use shares in EU
Lesaffre et al.
Joint modeling of a multilevel factor analytic model and a multilevel covariance regression model
Lovison and Schindler
Separate regression modelling of the Gaussian and Exponential components of an EMG response from respiratory physiology
Manisera and Zuccolotto
New perspectives on rating data modelling: the Nonlinear CUB
Manitz et al.
Network-based Source Detection: From Infectious Disease Spreading to Train Delay Propagation
Marquart et al.
Impact of misspecified random effect distributions on models for panel survey data
Meyer and Held
Flexible estimation of spatio-temporal interaction in a point process model for infectious disease spread
Annette Möller et al.
Random Forests for Functional Covariates
Mohammadi et al.
Efficient Bayesian inference for Copula Gaussian graphical models
Morettin et al.
Wavelet Estimation of Functional-coefficient Regression Models
Mutambanengwe et al.
A restricted composite likelihood approach to modelling Gaussian spatial data
Pathé et al.
Estimating conditional extreme quantiles under random censoring
Oelker et al.
On (Semiparametric) Mode Regression
Inference for generalized linear mixed models with sparse structure
Pan and Pan
Joint modeling of between-subject and within-subject covariance matrices for financial data
Pauger and Wagner
Bayesian Effect Fusion for Categorial and Ordinal Predictors
Peyhardi et al.
Partitioned conditional generalized linear models for categorical data
Pircalabelu et al.
Nodewise graphical modeling using the Focused Information Criterion for `p larger than n' settings.
Pössnecker and Tutz
Regularization and Selection of Proportional Versus Nonproportional Effects in Sequential Logit Models
Beyond the Gauss' principle
Rakhmawati et al.
Local Influence Diagnostics for Generalized Linear Mixed Models With Overdispersion
Ramzan and Heumann
Improved Methods for Nearest Neighbor Imputation
Röver and Friede
Bayesian inference in random-effects meta-analysis
Russo et al.
Nonlinear mixed-effects models for bioequivalence on pharmacokinetic data
Statistical Estimation of Pollution Reductions for Meeting Government Targets
Schauberger and Tutz
DIFboost: A Boosting Method for the Detection of Differential Item Functioning
Scheipl et al.
Functional Additive Mixed Models
Schnabel and Eilers
Expectile smoothing for big data
Sobotka and Kneib
Semiparametric quantile regression using a mixed models representation
Sweeney et al.
Improved quantitative analysis of tissue characteristics in PET studies with limited uptake information.
van den Hout
Time-dependency in multi-state models: specification and estimation
Voigt and Fried
Modeling Cherenkov Telescope images for Variable Construction in Classification
Wilhelm and Sangalli
Spatial Splines for Generalized Additive Models
The Misuse of The Vuong Test For Non-Nested Models to Test for Zero-Inflation

Part III: Contributed Papers (Volume II)

Ayma et al.
Penalized composite link mixed models for spatially aggregated data
Amo-Salas et al.
Optimal Experimental Design in a real case
Stochastic Index Numbers in Inflation Measurement
Bonetti et al.
Bivariate Estimation of Distribution Algorithms for Protein Structure Prediction
Cavalcante and Blas
Beta calibration model
Cavenague de Souza et al.
Parameter estimation for the the Exponentiated Modified Weibull Model with Long Term Survival: A Simulation Study
Donat and Marra
P-IRLS Representation of a Semiparametric Bivariate Triangular Cumulative Link Model
Dooley et al.
Normative Values of Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity in Older Irish Adults
Einbeck and Bonetti
A study of online and blockwise updating of the EM algorithm for Gaussian mixtures
Elayouty et al.
Visualisation and Modelling of Environmental Sensor Time Series
Ender and Ma
Statistical modeling of extreme precipitation in recent flood regions in China
Enea et al.
The pblm package: semiparametric regression for bivariate categorical responses in R
García-Ligero et al.
Least-squares linear distributed estimation for discrete-time systems with packet dropouts
Gichuru et al.
Developing Robust Scoring Methods for use in Child Assessment Tools
Golalizadeh and Azod Azad
Multilevel Factor Analysis of the PIRLS Test for the Iranian Pupils
Groll and Tutz
Variable Selection in Heterogeneous Discrete Survival Models
Hartmann et al.
Drift Estimation in Sparse Sequential Dynamic Imaging: with Application to Nanoscale Fluorescence Microscopy
State space analysis of the Prague Stock Exchange index
Hernández et al.
A misspecification simulation study in Poisson mixed model
Huang and Wang
Identification of Health Risks of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in China Using the Geographical Detector Technique
Huang and Ke
Influence Analysis on Crossover Design Experiment in Bioequivalence Studies
Germán and Ibacache-Pulgar
Symmetric semiparametric additive models
Lera et al.
Application of classification tree analysis: Algorithm of diagnostic of sarcopenia in Chilean older people
Modelling of the distribution of the unemployment duration in the Czech Republic
Martínez-Araya and Pan
Unknown break-point estimation and selection between semi-parametric and segmented models
Matawie and Javadi
Mixture distribution model for resources availability in volunteer computing systems
Messner et al.
Weather Forecasts and Censored Regression with Conditional Heteroscedasticity
Muñoz-Pichardo et al.
Influence measures in beta regression models through Fr\`{e}chet metric
Estimation of Upper Tail Dependence for Insurance Loss Data Using an Empirical Copula-based Approach
Pfeifer and Höller
Effects of precipitation and temperature in alpine areas on backcountry avalanche accidents reported in the western part of Austria within 1987--2009
Pinheiro and Ferrari
Small-sample one-sided testing in extreme value regression models
Pinheiro et al.
Modelling performance of students with bivariate generalized linear mixed models
Pino-Mejías et al.
Identification of Outliers with Boosting Algorithms
Proctor et al.
Incorporating sub-grid variability of environmental covariates in biodiversity modelling
Rodríguez-Álvarez et al.
Semiparametric ROC Regression based on Conditional Transformation Models
Román-Román et al.
Approximating unconditioned first-passage-time densities for diffusion processes
Sciandra and Plaia
Classification trees for preference data: a distance-based approach
Tamura et al.
The impact of the misspecification of the random effects distribution on the prediction of the mixed logistic model
Tsiftsi et al.
Bayesian shape modelling of cross-sectional geological data
Valk and Pinheiro
Tests for contaminated time series
Waldmann et al.
Regularisation in Bayesian Expectile Regression
Nonparametric regression with interval-valued response
Worton and McLellan
Comparison of robust and nonparametric measures of fidelity
Yildiz et al.
Extending capture-recapture models to handle erroneous records in linked administrative data



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