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31st International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Rennes, France, 2016, Proceedings

Jean-François Dupuys and Julie Josse (Eds.)
Proceedings of the 31st International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. July 4-8, 2016, Rennes, France.

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Part I: Invited Papers

Cremona et al.
Functional data analysis at the boundary of ``omics''
Klein et al.
Bayesian distributional structured additive regression
Bayesian population projections with migration uncertainty
Efficient parameterisations of Gaussian process based models for Bayesian computation using MCMC

Part II: Contributed Papers (Volume I)

Azevedo et al.
A ratio regression approach to estimate the size of the Salmonella infected flock data using validation information
Berger and Tutz
Modelling of Varying Dispersion in Cumulative Regression Models
Bollmann et al.
Item Focused Trees for the Detection of Differential Item Functioning in Partial Credit Models
Bonou and Lambert
Inference in a Stochastic SIR Epidemic Model using Bayesian Filtering
Bremhorst and Lambert
Flexible Bayesian cure survival model with categorical time-dependent covariates: An application to fertility studies
Camarda et al.
Trends in digit preference: Mastering a challenge with the penalized composite link model
Carollo et al.
Forecasting and representation of the intensity of an ETAS model: a visualization approach
Causeur et al.
Signal detection in Event-Related Potentials data
Cilluffo et al.
The induced smoothed LASSO
Colombi et al.
Ordinal Responses with Latent Uncertainty: a Bivariate Model
Colosimo et al.
Optimal Maintenance Policy under Imperfect Repair: A Case Study of Off-Road Engines
Di Caterina and Kosmidis
Bias-corrected z-tests for regression models
Donoghoe and Marschner
Fast stable relative risk regression using an overparameterised EM algorithm
Functional data analysis of juggling records with the smooth complex logarithm
Einbeck and Wilson
A diagnostic plot for assessing model fit in count data models
Frasso and Lambert
Estimation in nonlinear dynamic systems using Linearized ODE penalized splines
Gómez-Escobar et al.
A Linear Mixed Models with Functional Covariable Applied to Chlorophyll Concentration Data
Heller and Naidu
A two-component regression model for the number of births
Hossain et al.
A flexible approach for modelling a proportion response variable: Loss given default
Publication citability: a spatio-temporal modelling approach
Kamalabad and Grzegorczyk
A non-homogeneous dynamic Bayesian network model with partially sequentially coupled network parameters
Kenne-Pagui et al.
Median bias reduction of maximum likelihood estimates
Kosmidis et al.
Penalized likelihood inference in meta-regression
Kyriakou and Kosmidis
Reduced-bias estimation in generalised linear mixed effects models
Lee et al.
Smooth composite link models for spatio-temporal dissagregation of epidemiological data
Lu et al.
Penalized Fixed Effects Model for Clustered and Longitudinal Data
Lu et al.
Statistical Inference for Single-Case Design: Application to Post-stroke Rehabilitation
Machado et al.
A flexible multi-state model for aneurysm data
MacKenzie and Conde
Lasso model selection in multi-dimensional contingency tables
Mahmoudi and Wit
NCE: Nonparanormal Causal Effect
Mariñas et al.
Modelling the shape of emotions
Matawie and Hasso
Information Retrieval Models: Performance, Evaluation and Comparisons for healthcare Big Data Analytics
da Silva-Júnior et al.
Gradient test for generalised linear models with random effects
Mayr et al.
Distributional and quantile regression for quality control in fetal weight estimation
Möller and Groß
Probabilistic temperature forecasting based on an AR model fitted to forecast errors
Moral et al.
N-mixture models applied to zero-inflated insect abundance data
Mozharovskyi et al.
Nonparametric imputation based on data depth
Oman and Mateu
The latent scale covariogram: a tool for exploring the spatial dependence structure of non-normal responses
Pauger et al.
Bayesian Effect Fusion For Categorical Predictors With Sparse Finite Mixture Prior
Quintero and Lesaffre
Modelling the covariance matrix for multivariate responses in hierarchical structures with correlated random effects
Ramzan and Tutz
Nearest Neighbor Imputation for Categorical Data by Weighting of Attributes
Rodríguez-Álvarez et al.
Spatio-temporal adaptive penalized splines with application to Neuroscience
Rouanet and Jacqmin-Gadda
Comparison of methods to analyse longitudinal data truncated by death
Rusá et al.
A Bayesian Analysis of a Three-Level Moderated Mediation Model with Ordinal Outcome
Schauberger et al.
Subject-Object-Specific Covariates in Paired Comparison Models - An Application to Data from the German Bundesliga
Signorelli et al.
NEAT: an efficient Network Enrichment Analysis Test
Staerk et al.
An Adaptive Subspace Method for High-Dimensional Variable Selection
A simple model for analyzing multi-tissue gene expression data
Statistical shape analysis in a Bayesian framework for shapes in two and three dimensions
Waldmann et al.
Boosting Joint Models for Longitudinal Data and Survival Times
Wanneveich et al.
Projections of health indicators for chronic disease: illness death model and semi-Markov assumption
Wilson and Einbeck
On statistical testing and mean parameter estimation for zero-modification in count data regression
Wit et al.
Sparse relative risk survival modelling

Part III: Contributed Papers (Volume II)

80 further articles
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