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33rd International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Bristol, UK, 2018, Proceedings

Proceedings of the 33rd International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. 15th-20th July 2018, Bristol UK.

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Part I: Invited Papers

Applied Statistics for Covariance Functions
GLAM: The IWSM Story
Challenging Statistical Significance: A Case for Reverse-Bayes
A semiparametric extension of the stochastic block model for longitudinal networks
Putter et al
Multi-state modeling: beware the Markov assumption!

Part II: Contributed Papers (Volume I)

Adam et al
Statistical boosting for Markov-switching distributional regression models
Barnes and Chandler
New approaches to post=processing of multi-model ensemble weather forecasts
Behrouzi et al
Dynamic chain graph models for ordinal time series data
Berger er al
Modelling ratio outcomes with gamma distributed components
Bernardi and Stolfi
Modelling cryptocurrencies using robust time varying undirected graphs
Brady et al
Attribution of large scale drivers of river flow in Ireland
Colombi and Giordano
Modelling uncertainty and inaccuracy in ordinal data
Dan et al
A note on latent rating regression for aspect analysis of user-generated content
Dupont et al
Statistical modelling of time dependence in peak river flow
Ebrahimpoor et al
Unified testing framework for feature sets in genomics
Goodbye moments, hello expectiles
Elayouti et al
Functional principal component analysis for non-stationary dynamic time series
Nicolussi and Cazzaro
Chain regression graph models for context-specific independencies
France et al
Handling time dependent covariate effects in multiple imputation: application to stroke in a Cox modelling framework
Additive quantile mixed models with an application to longitudinal accelometer measurements
Gong et al
Spatio-temporal modelling of remote-sensing lake surface water temperature data
Could bigger be better? Longer Atlantic salmon smolts seem more likely to return as adults
Grilli et al
Multilevel modelling with level 2 missing covariates: the relationship between student rating and teacher beliefs and practices
Groll et al
Boosting methods for effects selection in Cox frailty models
Heller et al
Inflated Beta regression modelling for speech intelligibility testing
Hellier et al
Estimating dose-response for time-to-remission with insturmental variable adjustment
Hohberg et al
Treatment effects beyond the mean using distributional regression
Hu et al
Mixture of effects models for joint insurance claims modelling with multivariate gamma distributions
Karasek et al
Statistical analysis of semiconductor images
Klein et al
Effect selection in distributional regression
Lambert and Bremhorst
Indentification issues and efficient inference in semi-parametric cure survival model with shared covariates
Lebacher et al
International arms transfers: A dynamic separable network model with heterogeneity components
Lee (D.-J.) and Durbán
Predicting above-ground tree biomass: a semmingly unrelated penalized regression approach
Lee (D.)
Quantifying the impact of air pollution on respiratory prescription rates in Scotland
Leitner and Wagner
Bayesian effect fusion for categorical predictors in Bayesian logistic regression
Lorenzo-Arribas et el
Constrained log-likelihood for partial proportional odds model for ordinal response variables
Machado et al
Penalized maximum likelihood estimation in multistate models with an application to cardiovascolary disease
McKenzie et al
Non-PH parametric survival modelling
Maestrini and Wand
Variational message passing for skew t regression
Matawie and Hasso
Evaluating statistical information retrieval models with different indexing enhancement strategies
Martínez-Araya and Lark
Modelling of X-ray density (greyscale) signals from CT-scan images of rooted soil
Möller and Gertheiss
A classification tree for functional data
Núñez-Antón et al
Analysis of dependent pseudo-panel data: proposal and comparison of three different methodological approaches
Ötting et al
The hot hand in professional darts
Peng et al
The Weibull MPR model for interval censored survival data
Pohle at el
Coupled Markov-switching regression: inference and case study using electronic health record data
Rosen et al
Covariate-dependent spectral estimation of multiple nonstationary time series
Santos and Kneib
Structured additive multiple-output noncrossing Bayesian quantile regression models
Schauberger and Mair
A regulariation approach for the detection of differential item functioning in generalized partial credit models
Sera and Gasparrini
An extended random-effects framework for meta-analysis
Shafiee-Kamalabad and Grzegorczyk
Non-homegeneous dynamic Bayesian networks with edge-wise coupled parameters
Accelerated estimation of mixture models for rating variables
Sottosanti et al
Mining signals of astronomical sources via Bayesian nonparametric mixture modelling
Correcting under-reporting of eruptions in historical volcano data
Ugba and Gertheiss
An augmented likelhood ratio index for categorical response models

Part III: Contributed Papers (Volume II)

43 further articles
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