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35th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Bilbao, UK, 2020, Proceedings

Proceedings of the 35th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling : July 20- 24, 2020 Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain.

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Part I

Adam and Oelschläger
Hidden Markov models for multi-scale time series: an application to stock market data
Multivariate conditional dependence. The effect of institutional quality on competitiveness indicator relations
Berger and Schmid
Tree-Based Modeling of Discrete Subdistribution Hazards
Bianco et al.
Variational Bayesian inference for sparse high--dimensional Graphical--VAR models
Briseño Sanchez and Groll
Modelling the effect of rural electrification on employment via component-wise boosted causal distributional regression
Carollo et al.
Hazard smoothing along two time scales
Cendoya et al.
Non-stationary spatial model for the distribution of {Xylella fastidiosa} in Alicante.
Cepeda-Cuervo and Núñez-Antón
Bayesian Structured Antedependence Model Proposals for Longitudinal Data
Charamba and Simpkin
Bayesian concurrent functional regression for sparse data.
Invariance and the forecasting of mortality II: Standard errors
Dalton and Husmeier
Improved statistical emulation for a soft-tissue cardiac mechanical model
Log-ratio diagrams for compositions with zero counts
El Barmi and Núñez-Antón
Modelling proposals in competing risk studies: empirical likelihood approaches to compare different risks
Fernández-Fontelo et al.
A new model for multivariate functional data classification with application to the prediction of difficulty in web surveys using mouse movement trajectories
Flórez et al.
A computationally efficient estimator for large clustered non-Gaussian data
Friedl and Böhning
Capture--recapture in case of one-inflation
Garrido et al.
Inference for the overlap coefficient based on P-splines and Dirichlet process mixtures
Gerharz et al.
Deducing neighborhoods of classes from a fitted classification model
Gioia et al.
Median bias reduction in cumulative link models
Griesbach et al.
Addressing cluster-constant covariates in mixed effects models via likelihood-based boosting techniques
Hohberg et al.
Beyond unidimensional poverty analysis using distributional copula models for mixed ordered-continuous outcomes
Husmeier and Paun
Closed-loop effects in coupling cardiac physiological models to clinical interventions
Irigoien et al.
Genome-Wide Association Studies: a Distance-Based approach
Kneib et al.
Multivariate Conditional Transformation Models
Lado-Baleato et al.
Percentiles curves based on multivariate conditional transformation models. Application to diabetes
Lang et al.
Multivariate distributional regression forests for probabilistic nowcasting of wind profiles
Lawson et al.
Multivariate Bayesian latent structure modeling of spatio-temporal health data
Maier et al.
Density-on-Scalar Regression Models with an Application in Gender Economics
Marques et al.
Introducing non-stationarity to wrapped Gaussian spatial responses with an application to wind direction
Mews et al.
Continuous-time modelling of the hot hand effect in basketball free throws
Moriña et al.
New statistical model for misreported data
Ötting and Groll
Regularisation in hidden Markov models with an application to football data
Pedeli and Fried
Intervention Analysis for INAR(1) Models
Petrof et al.
Disease mapping method comparing the spatial distribution of a disease with a control disease
Pohle et al.
Flexible estimation of the state dwell-time distribution in hidden semi-Markov models
Santos et al.
Growth curves for multiple-output response variables via Bayesian quantile regression models
Schauberger and Tutz
Multivariate Ordinal Random Effects Models Including Subject and Group Specific Response Style Effects
Schneble and Kauermann
Intensity Estimation on Geometric Networks with Penalized Splines
Simon and Umlauf
Scaleable distributional regression
Steyer et al.
Elastic analysis of irregularly and sparsely sampled curves
Stival and Bernardi
Dynamic Bayesian clustering of sport activities
Stoner and Economou
A Coupled Hidden Markov Model for Daily Rainfall at Multiple Sites
Strömer et al.
Enhanced variable selection for distributional regression
Tran et al.
Serial correlation structures in latent linear mixed models for analysis of multivariate longitudinal ordinal responses
van der Wurp et al.
A Generalised Joint Count Data Regression Framework for Modelling Football Scores
Wagner et al.
Bayesian modelling of treatment effects on panel outcomes
Watjou and Faes
Multivariate spatial models for lattice data in complex surveys
Wiemann and Kneib
A horseshoe based prior for shrinkage towards a predefined parametric subspace.

Part II

50 further articles
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