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22nd International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Barcelona, 2007, Proceedings

Cover Joan del Castillo, Anna Espinal, and Pere Puig (Eds.)
Proceedings of the 22nd International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. Barcelona, 2-6 July 2007
ISBN 978-84-690-5943-2

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Part I: Invited Papers

Bayarri, M.J., et al.
Statistical Issues in the Utilization of Computer Models
Casella, G., et al.
Consistent Variable Selection
Keiding, N.
Design and Analysis of Time-to-Pregnancy
Molenberghs, G., et al.
The Meta-analytic Framework for the Evaluation of Surrogate Endpoints in Clinical Trials
Pfeffermann, D.
Modelling of Complex Survey Data, Why is it Different and What can be Done about it?
Wood, S.
Generalized Additive Smooth Modelling

Part II: Contributed Papers

Adamski, T., et al.
A Multivariate analysis of DH Lines Experiments Repeated over a Period of Years
Aerts, M., et al.
Direct Models for Multiple InfectionMeasurements of Antibody Levels
Alfó, M., and Maruotti, A.
Semiparametric Models for Longitudinal Binary Responses with Attrition
Almansa, J., et al.
Analyzing Mental Comorbidity through LCA. Results of the ESEMeD Project
Alonso, A.M., et al.
Time Series Classification based on Functional Depth
Alonso, A.M., et al.
Forecasting the Spanish Mortality Rates
Areira, A., et al.
Modelling of Local Elections in Portugal
Arostegui, I., and Núñez-Antón, V.
Alternative Modelling Approaches for the SF-36 Health Questionnaire
Assaf, A., and Matawie, K.M.
A Bayesian Approach to the Estimation of Technical Efficiency in Health Care Foodservice Operations
Barber, A., et al.
A Bayesian Hierarchical Spatial Model for the Bioclimatic Classification of Cyprus Island
Barceló-Vidal, C., et al.
Compositional Time Series: A First Approach
Barry, S., and Bowman, A.
Modelling Longitudinal Spatial Curve Data
Bartolucci, F., and Lupparelli, M.
The Multilevel Latent Markov Model
Batchelor, A., et al.
Nonlinear Discrete-Time Hazard Models for the Rate of First Marriage
Bécue, M., et al.
Mixed Text and Data Mining through a Principal Axes Method. Application to Legal Documents
Blagojevic, M.
CTDL-Positive Stable Frailty Model
Blance, A., et al.
Beyond Kappa: Use of Multifaceted RASCH Analysis and Multilevel Modelling to Investigate Observer Effects
Bolfarine, H.
Asymmetric Distributions Generated by the Normal Distribution Function
Botella, F., et al.
Spatio-Temporal Bayesian Model for Studying Waterbird Biodiversity in Artificial Ponds
Brewer, M.J., et al.
Temporal Smoothing of Compositional Data on Water Quality
Broner, S., and Delicado, P.
Explaining Electoral Participation by an Economic Capacity Index in Barcelona
Brown, J.A., et al.
Modeling Long Memory Time Series: The Shihua Cave Speleothems
Buil, A., et al.
Mixed-Models for Genetic Linkage Analysis of Quantitative Traits: Analysis of APTT in the GAIT Project
Caballero-Águila, R., et al.
Estimation of Signals Transmitted by Different Randomly Delayed Sensors Using Covariance Information
Caballero-Águila, R., et al.
Estimation from Observations with Randomly Missing Signals Using an Innovation Approach
Camarda, C.G., et al.
Modelling General Patterns of Digit Preference
Carita, A.I., et al.
Following Brake Reaction Time in Total Knee Arthroplasty: Analysis of Variance for Repeated Measures
Cazzaro, M, et al.
Testing Markov Chain Lumpability
Ceranka, B., and Graczyk, M.
Note on A-Optimal Chemical Balance Weighing Design
Ceranka, B., and Graczyk, M.
Optimum Chemical Balance Weighing Design for p+1 Objects
Chua, S.J., et al.
Small Sample Properties of Maximum Likelihood Estimators for Type II Censored Data
Conde, S., and MacKenzie, G.
Modelling High Dimensional Sets of Binary Co-morbidities
Conesa, D., et al.
Bayesian Markov Switching Models for Epidemiologic Surveillance
Consentino, F, and Claeskens, G
Model Selection with Missing Covariates Under Ignorable Missingness
Cordeiro, C., and Neves, M.M.
Bootstrap Pprediction Intervals: A Case-Study
Correal, M.
A Model for a System of Flow Rivers with Non-Linear Behavior
Costa, M.J., and Shaw, J.E.H.
Parameterization and Penalties in Spline Models
Cruyff, M., et al.
A ZIP Model Accounting for Response Bias in Randomized Response
Cysneiros, A.H.M.A., et al.
Modified Profile Likelihood for the Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution
Dittrich, R., et al.
On the Treatment of Missing Observations in Paired Comparisons Experiments
Dryden, I.L., et al.
Factored Principal Components Analysis and Likelihood Ratio Based Face Recognition
Economou, T., et al.
Bayesian Modelling of Time Aggregated Water Pipe Bursts with a Zero-inflated, Non-Homogeneous Poisson Process
Eilers, P.H.C.
The Smooth Complex Logarithm Model for Quasi-Periodic Signals
Eilers, P.H.C., et al.
Modulation Models for Seasonal Incidence Tables
Einbeck, J., et al.
Smoothing, Sampling, and Basu's Elephants
Esteve, A., et al.
Adaptive Distance-Based Classification
Faes, C., et al.
A High-Dimensional Joint Model for Longitudinal Endpoints of Different Type
de Falguerolles, A.
From Dunkirk to Barcelona with GLIM - A Tribute to Least-Squares
Fenlon, J.S., and Faddy, M.J.
Modelling and Analysis of Superparasitism Data
Friendly, M., and Fox, J.
Visualizing Hypothesis Tests in Multivariate Linear Models
García-Ligero, M.J., et al.
Image Estimation from Signal-Dependent Noise Observations
Giraldo, R., et al.
Ordinary Kriging for Functional Data
Gómez, G., and Juliá, O.
Inverse Weighted Estimators when there is Double Censoring
González-Dávila, E., et al.
Small Area Estimation using Spanish Labour Force Survey in Canary Islands
Grané, A., and Veiga, H.
Conditional Heteroscedasticity or Stochastic Volatility in Financial Risk Management?
Greenacre, M.
Diagnosing Models from Maps Based on Weighted Logratio Analysis
Greven, S., et al.
Likelihood Ratio Testing for Zero Variance Components in Linear Mixed Models
Grilli, L., and Rampichini, C.
Endogeneity Issues in Mixed Models
Guolo, A.
A Flexible Approach to Measurement Error Correction in Case-control Studies
Ha, I.D., and Lee, Y.
On Likelihood Estimation in Semiparametric Frailty Models
Heiner, K., and Hinde, J.
Generalized Linear Models for Assessing Performance
Heller, G., et al.
Randomly Stopped Models
Hermoso-Carazo, A., and Linares-Pérez, J.
Recursive Estimation of the Uncertainty Probability in Nonlinear Systems with Uncertain Observations
Hofrichter, J., and Friedl, H.
Change Point Detection for Panel Data Models
Holian, E., and Hinde, J.
Mixture-Regression Cluster Model Applied to Longitudinal Microarray Experiments
van den Hout, A., and Matthews, F.E.
A Hidden Illness-death Model to Estimate Life Expectancies
Hsu, C.-H., et al.
A Weighted Kaplan-Meier Approach for Estimation of Recurrence of Colorectal Adenomas
Jorgensen, M.
Multivariate Mixture Models in Official Statistics
Jowaheer, V., and Sutradhar, B.
Stationary versus Non-Stationary Correlation Models for Familial Longitudinal Count Data
Kaczmarek, Z., et al.
Some Regression Methods in Evaluation of Genotypes in Series of Experiments
Karlis, D., et al.
Discrete Valued Time Series Models for Examining Weather Effects in Daily Accident Counts
Kirkby, J., and Currie, I.
Smooth Models of Mortality with Period Shocks
Komárek, A., and Lesaffre, E.
Generalized Linear Mixed Model with a Flexible Random-Effects Distribution
Kosmidis, I.
Penalized Likelihood for a Three-Parameter Rasch Model
Kulinskaya, E., and Staudte, R.G.
Cochran's Q-test for Variance Stabilized Effect Size Estimates and a Random Effect Size Model
Lambert, P., and Eilers, P.H.C.
Bayesian Density Estimation from Grouped Observations
Lee, D.-J., and Durbán, M.
Smoothing Mixed Models for Overdispersed Spatial Count Data
Li, Y., et al.
Assessing Surrogacy in the Counterfactual Framework Using Bayesian Models
Lynch, J., and MacKenzie, G.
Analysis of Breast Cancer Survival in Local Health Authorities
Machado, C., et al.
An Analysis of Deprivation in Portugal based on Bayesian Latent Class Models
MacKenzie, G., and Ha, I.D.
Modelling Survival Data with Crossing Hazards
MacNab, Y.C.
Bayesian Multivariate Disease Mapping and Ecological Models with Errors-in-Covariates: Mapping Disability Adjusted Life Years
Mair, P., and Zeileis, A.
Out-of-Sample Bootstrap Tests for Non-Nested Models
Martín-Fernández, J.A., et al.
Compositional Modelling of Sediment Formation at the Surface of Mars
Mateu-Figueras, G., and Daunis-i-Estadella, J.
Balances versus Amalgamations in Compositional Data with an Application in Welfare Research
Mejza, I., and Mejza, S.
On Split Plot Type Experiments with Subsamples
Mejza, S., et al.
On a Modelling Environmental Indexes
Mercatanti, A.
Identifiability of Causal Models with Ignorable Assignments and Non-Ignorable Treatments
Newell, J., and Einbeck, J.
A Comparative Study of Nonparametric Derivative Estimators
Orbe, J., and Núñez-Antón, V.
Censored Partial Regression Models and the Study of the Determinants of Survival of Russian Commercial Banks
Ortego, M.I., and Egozcue, J.J.
Copulas and their Extremal Transformations
Palarea-Albaladejo, J., et al.
A Convenient Device for Replacing Rounded Zeros in Compositional Data: aln Model
Papoila, A.L., and Rocha, C.S.
Modelling Survival Data using Generalized Additive Models with Flexible Link
Paula, G.A., and Cysneiros, F.J.A.
Local Influence under Parameter Constraints
Peng, D., and MacKenzie, G.
On the Analysis of Censored Reliability Data
Penman, R., et al.
Modelling IVF Data using an Extended Continuation Ratio Random Effects Model
Pereira, D., and Mexia, J.T.
Overview of Joint Regression Analysis
Perez-Alvarez, N., et al.
Study of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Guided Interruption Periods in an HIV Clinical Trial
Pérez-Ruíz, L.C., and Escarela, G.
A Discretised-Copula-Based Transition Model for Binary Longitudinal Data
Pfeifer, C., et al.
Damage Detection of Structures by Analyzing Embedded Time Series of Vibration Signals
Poleto, F.Z., et al.
A Product-Multinomial Framework for Categorical Data Analysis with Missing Responses
Porta, N., et al.
Regression Modelling of Competing Risks in a Bladder Cancer Study
Rivero, C., and Valdes, T.
Robust Estimation of Linear Models with Grouped Data and Arbitrary Errors with Unknown Scale Parameter
Rizopoulos, D., et al.
Joint Modelling of Time-to-Event and Longitudinal Binary Data with Excess Zeros
Rodrigues, P.C., and Branco, J.A.
Principal Component Analysis of Electoral Data
Rodríguez-Álvarez, M.X., et al.
Comparing Different Approaches to Regression Analysis of Receiver Operating Characteristic Curves. An Application to Endocrinology Data
Santos, J.A., and Neves, M.M.
A Local Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Logistic Regression
Serrat, C., et al.
Joint Modelling of a Longitudinal Variable and a Time to Event Data: Methodological and Computational Issues
Silva, G.L., and Amaral-Turkman, M.A.
Additive Survival Models with Shared Frailty
Solis-Trapala, I., et al.
Statistical Modelling of Development of Executive Function in Early Childhood
Stefanova, K., et al.
Spatial Modelling of Field Experiments: Sample Variogram and Enhanced Diagnostics
Streftaris, G, and Worton, B.J.
Hierarchical and Empirical Bayes Estimators in the Analysis of Insurance Claims
Teles, J., and Amaral-Turkman, M.A.
Bayesian Model Selection Criteria: A Comparative Study through Simulation
Tolosana-Delgado, R., et al.
A Bayesian Alternative to Indicator Kriging
Tsonaka, R., et al.
Marginalized Semi-Parametric Shared Parameter Models for Incomplete Ordinal Responses
Ugarte, M.D., et al.
MSE of the log-Risk Predictor in a Mixed Poisson Model with Spatial Dependence
Vaida, F., and Liu, L.
Fast Implementation for Mixed Effects Models with Censored Response
Valero, O., et al.
Study of Ewe's Milk Composition using a Combination of Multivariate Techniques and Linear Mixed Models with Random Effects
Varin, C., and Czado, C.
Pairwise Likelihood Inference in Dynamic Models for Longitudinal Ordinal Outcomes
Wagner, H., et al.
Auxiliary Mixture Sampling for Non-Normal Data
West, R.M., and Gilthorpe, M.S.
Use of Functional Data Analysis and Longitudinal Latent Class Analysis to Investigate the Developmental Origins of Disease
Wilson, P.
A Hybrid Test for Non-Nested Models



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