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28th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Palermo, Italy, 2013, Proceedings

Vito M.R. Muggeo, Vincenza Capursi, Giovanni Boscaino, Gianfranco Lovison (Eds.)
Proceedings of the 28th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling. Palermo, Italy, 8-12 July 2013

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Part I: Invited Papers

Crainiceanu et al.
Science to data to statistical models
Hothorn et al.
Conditional Transformation Models by Example
Iacus and King
How Coarsening Simplifies Matching-Based Causal Inference Theory
McLachlan and Leemaqz
On Finite Mixtures of Skew Distributions
Putter and Grand
Regression Models for Expected Length of Stay

Part II: Contributed Papers (Volume I)

Abbruzzo et al.
Model selection for penalized Gaussian Graphical Models
Adelfio and Chiodi
Mixed estimation technique in semi-parametric space-time point processes for earthquake description
Adler et al.
A Topological Approach to the Statistical Estimation of Random Field Thresholds
Ankinakatte and Edwards
The analysis of discrete longitudinal data using acyclic probabilistic finite automata
Armero et al.
Markov mixture models for analyzing the evolution of chronic kidney disease in children
Bremhorst and Philippe Lambert
Estimation of the Latent Distribution in Cure Survival Models using a Flexible Cox Model
Burke and MacKenzie
Multi-Parameter Regression Survival Models
Camarda et al.
Exploratory Exponential Tilting
Camarda et al.
Modelling Social Contact Data: a smoothing constrained approach
Colombi and Giordano
Marginal Parameterizations for Hidden Markov Models
Colosimo et al.
Marginal Models for the Association Structure of Hierarchical Binary Responses
Cueva et al.
A nonparametric study of the spatial association between forest variables
Dvorzak and Wagner
Sparse Bayesian modeling of underreported count data
Harmonic Histograms: Smoothing of Grouped Circular Data Distributions
Enea et al.
Modeling confidential data via modified hurdle mixed models
Finazzi et al.
A model-based clustering approach for the analysis of environmental time series
Frasso and Eilers
L-surface and V-valley for multi-dimensional smoothing parameter selection
Gellar and Crainiceanu
Cox Regression Models with Functional Covariates
George et al.
Faster Spike-and-Slab Variable Selection with Dual Coordinate Ascent EM
A joint Bradley-Terry model for tennis tournaments via Data Cloning
Hudson et al.
SOM clustering and modelling of Australian railway drivers' sleep, wake, duty profiles
Iannario and Piccolo
A proposal for modelling overdispersion in ordinal data
Jaspers et al.
Estimation of an MIC distribution using a two-stage semi-parametric mixture model
Jowaheer et al.
Likelihood Analysis For An Incomplete Longitudinal Hemoglobin Data
Klima et al.
Analysis of voter transition using ecological data: Comparison of different approaches for Munich election data
Kneib et al.
Bayesian Expectile Regression
Kosmidis and Firth
Reduced-bias inference for multi-dimensional Rasch models with applications
A new flexible family of conditional Archimedean copulas
Gwenaël et al.
An empirical Bayesian ridge approach to modeling the transcriptional effects of DNA copy number aberrations
Lee and Durban
Spatio-temporal seasonal data modelling and forecasting with penalized smooth-ANOVA models
Decision theory for some elementary statistical problems
Kernel based dimension reduction and classification of spectroscopy data for authentication of South African wines
Machado et al.
Semiparametric partially nonlinear mixed-effects models with P-splines
MacKenzie and Ha
The role of Frailty in survival studies
Manitz and Kneib
Model-based source estimation during foodborne disease outbreaks
Mayr et al.
Boosting sonographic birth weight estimation
McKeone and Pettitt
Bayesian P-splines with a multiplicative term in EMG trace data
Mesue and Nummi
Testing of Growth Curves using Cubic Smoothing Splines: A Multivariate Approach
Molinari et al.
Posterior approximations for Gaussian models with ``non-detect'' data
Mukherjee et al.
Characterisation and Mixed Effects Models for EEG Signals
Murawska et al.
A comparison between landmarking and joint modeling for producing predictions using longitudinal outcomes
Nysen et al.
Model averaging quantiles for censored data
Oliveira et al.
CircSiZer for exploring circular data
Pößnecker and Tutz
Variable Selection and Shrinkage of Varying to Fixed Effects in Finite Mixtures of Generalized Linear Models
Pedeli et al.
Cholesky decomposition for multivariate volatilities
Peyhardi et al.
A unifying framework for specifying generalized linear models for categorical data
Rocková and Lesaffre
Bayesian Sparse Factor Regression Approach to Genomic Data Integration
Rodriguez et al.
Fast algorithm for smoothing parameter selection in multidimensional P-splines
Ruli et al.
Approximate Bayesian inference based on modified log-likelihood ratios
Séne et al.
Joint modeling of longitudinal and time-to-event data with application to the prediction of prostate cancer recurrence
Saefken et al.
Estimating prediction error in mixed models
Santos and Bolfarine
A two-part model using quantile regression under a Bayesian perspective
Schauberger and Tutz
DIF-LASSO: Differential Item Functioning in Rasch Models
Schnabel et al.
Modelling plant height data with scaled and shifted prototype curves
Sciandra and Lovison
Model interpretation from the additive elements of the PWRSS in GLMMs
Sobotka et al.
Fractile Boosting: a novel approach to mode regression
Sweeney et al.
Do not use a cannon to kill a mosquito: a comparison of supervised classification algorithms in the context of MS lesion segmentation in structural
Tharmaratnam et al.
Nonlinear Monotone Regression for High-dimensional Data
A GEE Approach for Correlated Ordinal and Nominal Multinomial Responses
Trevisani and Tuzzi
Through the JASA's Looking-Glass, and What We Found There
Kassteele et al.
Modeling the risk of Borrelia infection after a tick bite - a Bayesian approach
van den Hout and Muniz
Joint models for discrete longitudinal outcome and survival
Ventrucci et al.
Bayesian P-spline models for land use raster datasets
Wagner and Tüchler
Bayesian Factorization Model for Analysing Mixed Data
Waldmann et al.
Bivariate Bayesian Quantile Regression
Rathambalage and Sofronov
GAMLSS and Extended Cross-Entropy Method to Detect Multiple Change-Points in DNA Read Count Data
Willemsen et al.
A multivariate Bayesian model for human growth
Wit et al.
Inference of non-linear ODE dynamics

Part III: Contributed Papers (Volume II)

Abrams and Hens
Extending frailty models applied to infectious disease epidemiology
Adelfio and Boscaino
The student talent in a random effects Quantile Regression Model for university performance
Item selection via Bayesian graded response model
Bai et al.
Two valid and interpretable metrics to summarize raw accelerometry data
Bani-Mustafa and Matawie
Recursive Residuals Application in Linear Mixed Models
Baxter et al.
Modelling the growth of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms using mixed effects regression with autocorrelated residuals
Bazzi and Tellaroli
Finding profiles in time-course gene expressions
Bellio and Vidoni
A note on improved random effects prediction in GLMMs
Betsabé et al.
Calibration model with scale mixtures of skew-normal distributions
Caballero-Aguila et al.
Distributed fusion filtering using correlated missing observations from multiple sensors
Caballero-Aguila et al.
Optimal least-squares linear centralized filter for systems with autocorrelated and cross-correlated noises
Cascone et al.
Nonparametric method for treatment comparison in the winemaking process
Cattelan and Varin
Marginal modeling of dependent paired comparison data
Cederbaum and Greven
Functional Linear Mixed Models for Sparsely and Irregularly Sampled Data
Christou and Fokianos
Testing Linearity for Nonlinear Count Time Series Models
Cobre and De Castro
Bayesian inference for a family based on the Weibull and the power series distributions
Cysneiros and Araújo
Corrected Profile Likelihood in Heteroscedastic Symmetric Nonlinear Model
Danesi et al.
Mortality forecasting for related populations using Lee-Carter type models
Díaz et al.
Multilevel factor models: Identification of Three-level Model Parameters for the Study of Regional Development in Argentina
Davies and Husmeier
Assessing the impact of non-additive noise on modelling transcriptional regulation with Gaussian processes.
Donald et al.
Model Comparisons for RNA-Seq data
Fabio et al.
Marginal models from exponential family mixed models with nonormal random effect distribution
Sparse Penalised Methods in Phenology
Faria et al.
Modelling Occupational Stress and Burnout in Portuguese University Teachers by using Structural Equation Models
Faria and Soromenho
Measuring the component overlapping in mixtures of linear regressions
Traffic policies and air quality in Italian cities
Ferrara and Vidoli
Beyond the threshold: the efficiency of Italian manufacturing firms
Flórez et al.
Handling missing data in longitudinal studies: an application to healthcare data
Fussl et al.
Bayesian estimation of a discrete choice model for household labor supply in Austria
Gallacher et al.
Comparison of GAM, FDA and DFA for water quality data
Gertheiss and Kiers
Penalized Non-Linear Principal Components Analysis for Ordinal Variables
Giampaoli et al.
Selection of mixed beta regression model for longitudinal data
Gilardoni et al.
Dynamics of the Optimal Maintenance Policy under Imperfect Repair Models
Dulce Gomes et al.
Penalized spline smoothing for delay in Pulmonary Tuberculosis diagnosis
Gonccedil;alves et al.
Change-point analysis for in environmental time series
Another View on Conditional Correlations
Holmströom and Launonen
Posterior Singular Spectrum Analysis (PSSA)
Iddi and Molenberghs
A Zero-Inflated and Overdispersed Marginalized Model for Correlated Counts
Klein et al.
Bayesian generalized additive models for location, scale and shape for insurance data
On a null variance estimator for the Mantel-Haenszel risk difference and corresponding confidence interval
Komárek et al.
Model based segmentation of TV advertising scheduling patterns
López-Montoya et al.
Statistical Models to Density-dependence Detection in Mediterranean Deer Populations
López-Ratón et al.
GsymPoint: An R Package for estimating the Generalized Symmetry Point as the optimal cutpoint in continuous diagnostic tests
Louzada et al.
The Birnbaum--Saunders survival model with cure fraction under different of activation mechanisms
Macdonald et al.
Inference in complex biological systems with Gaussian processes and parallel tempering.
Modelling of the distribution of incomes with the use of finite mixtures of distributions
Mameli et al.
Study of the longevity in Sardinia: an application of the Beta skew-normal regression
Elizabeth Martinez-Gómez et al.
An Application of The Vector AutoRegression (VAR) Model to The Analysis of The Sun--Earth's Climate Connection
Matos and Lachos
Influence diagnostics in mixed-effects models with censored data using the multivariate-t distribution
Metelli et al.
Bayesian estimation with INLA for logistic multilevel models
Mirkov et al.
Modeling Credit Spreads Using Nonlinear Regression
Moreira and Machado
Estimation of the conditional survival function for successive survival times
A Semiparametric Approach for Multivariate Longitudinal Count Data
Navarro-Moreno et al.
A Quaternion Widely Linear Series Expansion
Federica Nicolussi
Smooth Graphical models of type II: link with marginal models
Pace et al.
Adjusted pseudo composite likelihood ratios
Pardo-Fernández et al.
On the use of the characteristic function of the residuals to test for the equality of regression curves
Pauger et al.
Analysing Formalisation of Management Accounting by Bayesian Variable Selection in a Cumulative Logit Model
Perdona et al.
A New Weibull Family of Hazard Models for Breast Cancer Survivals
Pettitt and Lee
Approximate Bayesian Computation for Model Choice
Pfeifer et al.
Trend and regional analysis of fatal off-piste and backcountry avalanche accidents in Austria within the years 1968 and 2011
Pinheiro and Sen
Functional Data Analysis via Quasi U-Statistics Based Tests
Reulen and Kneib
Boosting Multi State Models
Rizzi et al.
Efficient ungrouping of coarse histograms with the penalized composite link model
Sáez-Castillo et al.
A hyper-Poisson regression model for zero-truncated count data
Sharples et al.
Predicting future offending in adolescents from a longitudinal survey with missing responses
Silva and Russo
Comparison of estimation methods for variance components in elliptical mixed effects models
Simons et al.
Childhood Leukaemia incidence around the Belgian nuclear sites: Surrogate exposure modelling
Smiech and Papiez
Exploratory data analysis of energy security in the EU member countries in the period 2000-2010
Statistical model for multi-environment trials: Accounting for variety by environment interaction
Sulis and Capursi
Analyzing SET over time using multilevel multidimensional explanatory IRT models
Sulis and Porcu
Handling missing data in Item Response Theory. Assessing the accuracy in estimation of two multiple imputation procedures
Tamura et al.
Nearest Neighbors Prediction Method for mixed logistic regression
Touraine and Joly
Illness-death model for interval-censored and left-truncated data with random effects: Application to dementia
Tutz and Oelker
Modeling heterogeneity by fixed effects models
Vandendijck et al.
Weight smoothing models to estimate survey estimates from binary data
Vanegas and Paula
Symmetric and log-symmetric regression models: a semiparametric approach
A Score Test for Zero-adjusted Effect in Claim Severity Modeling
Worton and McLellan
Hidden Markov modelling of diffusion with an application in entomology
Yeend et al.
Modelling Children's Journeys in Care: A Multistate Modelling Approach



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